May 6, 2008

In 10 years will I remember this moment?~

In my office I have a small plaque that reads: “In 10 years will I remember this moment?” I use it as a daily reminder not to worry about the small stuff that comes up through out the day. When things get challenging, I will ask this question to myself ~ most of the time the answer is no. This helps to put the “challenge” whatever it may be, into prospective.

I also use this as a tool to help me to stay in the moment. Often I will find myself daydreaming, thinking of things I need to do, or figuring out what I will make for dinner, instead of being present and focused on what I am doing right now. Some moments I don’t care if I remember them ten years from now. But some, especially those spent with my family or with my friends, I do.

Sunday I said it as a mantra, every time began to think ‘I can’t go a step future’ I would say this to myself. Every time my legs would ‘beg’ me to not go another mile, I would say this to myself. I do not remember every moment, every step, or every mile but I remember the moment I crossed the finish line. And in 10 years, I still will!!!!!

Photo~ This is moments before Kathy and I crossed the finish line. I had found Vito and Bella in the crowd. I am reaching for Bella's hand so that she could walk the last few steps with me. What a moment!!!!


mamamia May 6, 2008 at 9:28 AM  

I knew you would do it. I DID say several prayers for you this entire weekend. I also bragged about you to several people. SO PROUD. BTW- you look fabulous.

In my office, I have a plaque that reads, "And your crybaby, whiny butt opinion would be?" Its what keeps me in the moment.

Bella's mama May 6, 2008 at 10:14 AM  

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! It is hard to put into words how much your comment means to me.

There is a 13K in Oct. It looks like it will be a good time (Disney, really knows how to make 'pain' into something fun :}) It would be great fun to do it together.

Michelle May 6, 2008 at 8:44 PM  

I am so proud of you Krista!!! I knew you could and would do it..

Join us~

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