May 10, 2008

Follow me~

Follow me Mommy, I'll show you the way to your heart~
You have baby, you have!!!!


Kate May 10, 2008 at 11:57 AM  

Hi Krista,

Thanks for visiting my blog! The link to China adoption comes through my profile I think. If you log on to Blogger and go to the dashboard, there is a place to update your profile. Within the profile, you can list your interests and that is where I put adoption, China, China adoption, etc....whatever you are interested in!

Your daughter is just darling! I will be back to visit! Letme know if this was not clear!

Happy Mother's Day to you, my new blogger friend! Although I have to say...I am a bit jealous that you are in Florida...we actually have a fire in the fireplace here in PA today...not very spring like!!


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